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Organ is a common name of Organ electronic keyboard in Vietnam

This characterization may be mistaken with Pipe Organ Forum, which is kind of a huge organ with multiple pipe system associated with male giant, often used in church


61 key organ

Organ is shaped like a piano with a control panel in tren.Da number of keyboards today use DSP technology and is divided into two kinds of normal organ (61 keys) and electronic piano (88 keys )

Organ used to power or battery operation and this is also its disadvantages compared to traditional instruments as unusable when there is no electricity.

Operating principle
Organ works on the tape. It sounds collection of other instruments already installed in accordance with the system above the key. With principle on, theoretically, the organ can mimic the sound of any instrument in the world. But in fact, a common organ parody only about 200 to 600 depending on memory instrument in the herd.

Air Function Buffer
Most keyboards currently support the following functions:

* Touch Response: audio effects strong / weak as playing piano
* Auto harmonize: automatically creates harmonies stretch
* Trans. : Highly automated translations
* The function sound effects such as chorus, reverb, pitch bend (Tonewheel rotates), the pedal pull / drop / hold hours of piano

* Connect to external storage devices, recording, composing melody, memory rather quick installation (registration), ...


Electronic Piano 88 keys

Organ is considered very flexible, advanced applications, easy to learn and the ability to show diversity, can replace a whole band. Currently in Vietnam organ used very popular and many people prefer.

The famous organ maker in Vietnam is:

* Casio
* Yamaha
* Roland
* ...

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